Lura's Journal

Journal Entry dated “Early Spring:”

We have returned from our journey for the hoard of Wythlodont to be sent out without rest to a nearby keep that may be housing bandits. We have acquired a new traveling partner in Shuth, a Whisper Gnome from the village that housed the dragon. He has been able to evade his entire village and the dragon itself, so we accepted his help in destroying the dragon and will allow him to travel with us back to Castle Alcimiter. Corperal Bryent should not have any issue with us bringing our Lord another loyal and able man, I only hope he proves to be so.

The keep we are to empty is in the open country with no means of undetected approach except perhaps by night. It is a large structure with two outlying towers that house signals. We are going to try to take a tower tonight. We will find out now how much use Shuth is to us.

We successfully gained control of one tower. We were able to keep some of the fight outside the tower, so Morthin’s wolf proved especially useful. Our group fought well despite the difficult setup and Shuth surprised me with his ability to keep up despite having recently joined us.

In battle I noticed that the people fighting us bore marks on their skin that suggested they were under an enchantment or spell forcing them to act by someone else’s command. Chadwick suggested that we try to only subdue rather than kill them because they were innocents being used. I agreed, but was unable to convince our entire group in time to spare them all. Interrogating one of the prisoners, we learned that everyone in the keep obeys someone simply called “The Master” who dwells in the basement. They have been taught a strange language by this master and we plan to eradicate him immediately. We posed as prisoners and had ourselves led into the keep, then subdued our guide and made our way into the dungeon. Shuth scouted ahead and reported a large cave beneath us with a pool in the center. The Master is said to reside in a pool, so we will rest up before continuing as he is likely to put up a fight.

Lura's Journal

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