Shüth Kerrin

Woodland gnome archer


Whisper Gnome Scout4/Ranger1
Unearthed Arcana ranger variant: No combat style, gain barbarian fast movement and druid wild shape (small/med creatures only).

8 Str 20 Dex (at lvl 4) 15 Con 10 Int 14 Wis 10 Cha
37 HP, 20 AC (16 touch, 15 flat), +6 Fort, +9 Ref, +3 Will, 50 ft move speed
+10 Ranged attacks, +4 Melee attacks


Skills(Ranks): Balance(5), Climb(8), Jump(8), Hide(8), Move Silently(8), Spot(8), Tumble(8), Swim(5), Use Rope(4),
Feats: Expeditious Dodge, Track, [Brachiation if there’d be enough opportunity to use it; otherwise Weapon Focus], Swift Hunter
*(is there any kind of retraining system in 3.5e? I qualify for all these feats now but wouldn’t have when I earned feats)

Favored enemies: Probably goblinoids (5) and giants (3) (gnome ranger gets additional +1 against these)

Skirmish: Move 10’ +2d6 dmg, +1 AC
-[Move 20’ +4d6 dmg, +3 AC (Improved Skirmish)]-
Move 40’ +2d6 dmg, +3 AC (Expeditious Dodge)


Haven’t included any magic items yet

  • Notes. Sorry Tim, no flaws. PHB 2 has retraining rules. I forget how they work but will check them out. Go ahead with the buckler. What do you mean for campaign insertions?
    — I mean the preferred classes you listed under character creation. If they’re for story/setting purposes then I could flavor Shueth as a barbaric archer or woodland rogue. If it’s just to get a balanced party, then I basically am a rogue.
  • Got it. Yeah that was just to give people a rough idea of power levels I am using to build encounters. If you can compete with them in/out of combat you should be fine. Also in your bio bits. Please feel free to make up locations, cultures, and people. That was my main idea behind leaving so much of the setting blank. Go ahead and throw it on the wiki and everything. For instance, the ___ forest.

Whisper gnomes originate from a secret enclave secluded deep in the Forest of the Winds, under the boughs of a great and ancient oak tree. The gnomes mistrust the world and peoples outside the forest. Many a tale is told of when the moon will be full again and it will be safe for them to venture out into the new world. Centuries ago, a green dragon named Wythlodont demanded fealty from the gnomes in return for his protection. He shaped the great oak into his likeness and demanded the annual sacrifice of a young gnome for his continued benevolence. Each year as the summer waned, the council of elders met for weeks in hushed meetings to argue which gnome must be sacrificed – hanged from the great oak for Wythlodont to collect. By the time Shueth Kerrin was born, only the oldest of the enclave’s gnomes remembered the day the Tree grew fangs.

While naturally athletic, Shueth was less interested in art and song than others in his generation and spent much of his time exploring the woods alone. It surprised few that the elders chose the unpopular Schueth as the enclave’s annual sacrifice to appease Wythlodont. Fortunately for Shueth however, he had snuck from the warren that night to climb the great trees above it. He watched from above as the panicked enclave searched for him in vain, knowing too well why they searched. He drew the flute he had carved like all other young gnomes and threaded an arrow through its channel. He fired the flute into Wythlodont’s tree and fled the enclave, planning never to return.

Shueth continued wandering the forest, wondering why he hadn’t left the enclave sooner. He one day stumbled upon a party of scavengers seeking a dragon’s hoard. The scavengers promised Shueth riches in exchange for his help in finding the dragon’s lair. The confused Shueth concluded that if his own people couldn’t be trusted, perhaps the outsiders they feared could be. With the promise of wealth, power, and revenge, Shueth guided them back to the enclave only to find it bereft of life and scoured with acid. He tracked Wythlodont back to its lair and provoked the ancient beast. He ran through the woods, looking back only to loose the occasional arrow. Before long he had led the dragon into the scavengers’ trap. The adventurers were victorious in slaying Wythlodont and returned to his lair to claim the treasure. True to their word, they offered Shueth a share of the loot and returned to [Lord Alcimiter’s Keep] to complete their mission. Shueth joined them in travelling to [the keep] in hopes of finding a party of adventurers to join himself.

Likes: The outdoors, climbing, sneaking up on people, fresh grilled game, the broken moon
Dislikes: Other gnomes, pointy hats, children

Shüth Kerrin

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